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Erie Makes


Make your own robot for our Build-A-Bot challenge! 

Deadline: November 1st


  • This challenge is for Ages 6-12 
  • You can only use the approved materials to create your bot: pipe cleaners, pompoms, popsicle sticks, feathers, googly eyes, markers, glue, tape, foam, felt, construction paper, bottle caps, aluminum foil, bolts, springs, gears, washers, paper clips, paper towel rolls, paper/plastic cups and buttons.
  • A photo of your finished work must be a JPEG, PNG or PDF file. 
  • Entries will be available to the public to view on the library's website.
  • Limit of one entry per person.

Submit your challenge entry here

Need supplies for our Build-A-Bot Challenge? Pick up a supply bag at any library locations while supplies last. Bag will be available starting October 7th and will remain while supplies last. 

Don't want to make at home, attend a Build-A-Bot session instead! 

  • Lincoln Community Center Library October 4th, 4:30-6:30pm 
  • Iroquois Avenue Library October 13th, 3:30-5pm 
  • Edinboro Branch Library October 17th, 6:30-7:30pm 
  • Blasco Library October 18th, 6-7pm Children's Storytime Room 

Build-A-Bot! 2022

Elissa J. 

Ethan J. 

Daria K. 


Pandora L. 

Leah B. 

Nolan B. 

David G. 

Derek O. 

Grant O. 

Preston L. 

Noah I. 

Jacob I. 

Sdyney C. 

Bennett D. 

Coraline D. 


Jovie S.  Prize Winner! 

Holland S. 

Anthony M. 

Amina G. 

Caleb M. 

Ella C. 

Jackson H. 

Monta'na L. 

Viktoriya P. 

Jeremy M. Prize Winner! 

Jancy S. 

Rishaan K. Prize Winner! 

Creature Feature Challenge 2021 (Ages 6-12)

The Flutterbutter

By Grace S. 

Spider Monster

By Niko K. 

Chameleon Carl

By Zakary S.


By Ben S. 

Super Goop

By Kendra S. 

Monster Art

By Grayson N. 


By Maxwell C. 

Eleven Eyed Creature

By Esme N. 

Cyclops Snail

By Ava D. 

Ms. Smootchiekins

By Zack D. 


By Melanie C. 

Magical Healing Owl

By Liz S. 


By Finley S. 


By Lux P. 

Rambull the Monster

By Brielle A. 

Emma's Monster

By Emma N. 


By Luis V. 


By LisMari V.