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Bike Repair

This is a guide with videos and books to help you adjust and repair your bike. You can also use it to learn how bikes work and how to fix them.


Welcome to the Idea Lab's guide to bike repair. This guide includes videos and books for learning how to fix or adjust your bike with the tools in the Idea Lab. It's still being built, so check back for more later.

If you've never done bike repair before, start with the next tab "parts of a bike" to learn the names for the different parts of your bike. This will help you know what parts you are working with.

The Tools section of this guide on the left has a list of all the tools we have in the lab so you can check to see if we have what you need before you come in. Don't be afraid to bring your bike inside! All tools must be used in the Idea Lab.

The Brakes section of this guide has videos on identifying, adjusting, and repairing your brakes for rim brake bicycles.

The Shifting section of this guide has videos on adjusting and redoing your shifting cables and housing.

The Other Bike Repairs section has videos on other, less common bike repairs and adjustments.

Enjoy and good luck!

Before you start working on your bike, it helps to know the parts! Watch the below videos to learn some common names for different parts of a bike. This will help you know what part people are talking about as you begin watching repair videos. It's okay if your bike doesn't look exactly like this one or doesn't have all the same parts - every bike is a little different.

Feel free to return to this video as many times as you need to remember the names of the parts.