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Learn about the Cricut Maker and Cricut Design Space.


Welcome to the Cricut section of the Erie County Public Library Idea Lab Maker guides. This forum was created to help beginners learn about the Cricut.

If you are new to the Cricut we suggest you make your way through the Cricut Crash Course before continuing. If you have used a Cricut before, feel free to explore the tabs on the left of the screen. 

Ready to start making?


Learning resources on this Maker Guide

Cricut Design Space: learn how to work with text, images and shapes in the Cricut software. This section also has information on how to install the software and prepare your projects.
Materials and Tools: information on what kind of materials the Cricut can work with, which mats to use for your project and more about the Cricut tools.
Working with Vinyl: teaches you how to weed and apply both vinyl and iron-on vinyl.

Projects: offers a few beginner level projects to help you get started. 


Made with the Cricut