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Learn the basics of sewing with a sewing machine.

Welcome to Machine Sewing

The intention of this guide is to orient you to the sewing machines available in the Idea Lab. 

Most of this information is intended for the beginner, so we do start at the very beginning. There are librarians in the Idea Lab who can help you practice what you see on these pages. Please feel free to chat with them about what you find and as always, ask for  help whenever you need it!


Learning resources on this Maker Guide:

Sewing Machine- learn how to use the sewing machines we have available in the Idea Lab. 

Sewing Basics- learn about stitches, seam, patterns and more. Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118

Hand Sewing- learn about sewing on buttons, fixing holes and more. 

Projects - offers a few beginner level projects to help you get started. 

Classes - connects you to online classes. 

Books - displays items we have available at our library.